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Through our dynamic Web solutions, the customer is able to update site content autonomously and independently, significantly reducing the costs of running their own website and increasing the number of contacts through the Internet.

We outline, together with the company, the correct strategies for achieving communication and business objectives according to markets, target groups and competition. We are able to carry out a thorough company analysis in order to assess the convenience of adopting Internet-based operating systems. Such systems generally concern more effective business operations.

We use the most advanced languages and technologies to give your business processes application concreteness. SINERGY S.r.l. offers programmes for any customer need and request: direct management of company databases to be shared on the Internet, electronic catalogues, etc.

In particular, we deal with:

° systems for autonomous site updating (Content Management System)

° updating catalogues

° e-commerce

° automatic systems for managing mailing lists and newsletters

° systems for managing bookings

° internal search engines

° chat, forum, guestbook, web advertising

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